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Carburetor Choke Plate, Marvel


Carburetor Choke Plate, Marvel Schebler

Fits carb numbers: TSX154, TSX305, TSX464, TSX470, TSX264, TSX480, TSX520, TSX531, TSX33, TSX241A, TSX241B, TSX241C, TSX420, TSX428, TSX500, TSX580, TSX748, TSX827, TSX13, TSX45, TSX60, TSX85, TSX89, TSX90, TSX91, TSX237, TSX356, TSX516, TSXU828, TSXU829, TSXU830, TSXU831, TSXU832, TSXU833, TSX248, TSX272, TSX312, TSX361, TSX361A, TSX458, TSX28, TSX34, TSX55, TSX88, TSX155, TSX188, TSX193, TSX194, TSX228, TSX308, TSX309, TSX357, TSX30, TSX36, TSX231, TSX400, TSX421, TSX497, TSX120, TSX138, TSX186, TSX363, TSX380, TSX403, TSX405, TSX406, TSX418, TSX472, TSX29, TSX35 TSX37, TSX38, TSX39, TSX44, TSX48, TSX49, TSX54, TSX58, TSX59, TSX69, TSX76, TSX79, TSX80, TSX83, TSX94, TSX95, TSX95A, TSX96, TSX98, TSX101, TSX102, TSX103, TSX112, TSX113, TSX119, TSX128, TSX132, TSX132A, TSX133, TSX134, TSX136, TSX137, TSX140, TSX141, TSX142, TSX144, TSX146, TSX147, TSX148, TSX151, TSX161, TSX173, TSX179, TSX180, TSX182, TSX183, TSX184, TSX185, TSX189, TSX191, TSX193, TSX194, TSX197, TSX206, TSX206-1, TSX228, TSX238, TSX239, TSX240, TSX258, TSX266, TSX269, TSX278, TSX280, TSX286, TSX287, TSX288, TSX289, TSX290, TSX297, TSX301, TSX314, TSX315, TSX322, TSX323, TSX326, TSX330, TSX334, TSX335, TSX338, TSX339, TSX341, TSX352, TSX357, TSX358, TSX359, TSX367, TSX370-1, TSX377, TSX388, TSX398, TSX407, TSX423, TSX443, TSX447, TSX448, TSX453, TSX455, TSX459, TSX465, TSX481, TSX484, TSX525, TSX526, TSX548, TSX556, TSX567, TSX569, TSX570, TSX589, TSX595, TSX656, TSX671, TSX691, TSX776, TSX776-1, TSX781, TSX787, TSX793, TSX796, TSX803, TSX818, TSX841, TSX851, TSXU829, TSXU830, TSXU831, TSXU832, TSXU833

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  • Model: 70219984
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 November, 1999.

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