A project to keep?

Had the opportunity to buy a G.  The last one I bought I only owned for a few hours.  I purchased it as a basket case at a show, and the next morning with it on my trailer I had a non-stop chain of folks asking “how much?”  I finally smarted off a price, and he pealed off the cash.  So it was gone!

Now I plan to actually fix this one up, unless of course a fat wallet comes by.

Has been parked since 1970 when the front broke, and the owner had just rebuilt the engine.    So here’s teaser of the start.  I just got the scrap steel off the front end and will start prepping it for a full-penetration weld (not by me!)  I’m a lot better at grinding than welding so it will go to a pro friend of mine.20150522_180317 20150522_180325 20150522_180336 20150522_180457 20150522_180520 20150522_180537 20150526_202825 20150526_203242