Oil Pan video

I guess I forgot to publish this to the blog and facebook.  Anyway…. During the 2014 spring Gathering of the Orange in Lathrop MO we were part of a crew to shoot a video on the replacement of main seals and oil pan on the 201 and 226 engines.

Video link

Cooper Oil Rig Part 2

Turns out the last one had a U engine in it!  We were able to identify and get parts for the customer.  He is considering selling the radiator for a modern one and his existing one is beautiful.  So there might be a very nice radiator on the market soon.

Cooper Oil rigs

Crude oil prices must up again :)  Getting lots of calls on the oil pulling rigs lately.  So far we have been bale to help, but since all sorts of AC engines were used, it tough to know what I’m helping with until I see it.  If you plan to call for help, shoot a picture on your phone and have it ready to text or email.  I can usually identify it quickly once I see it.  usually I can figure it out over the phone and get what customers need, but the photo is always helpful!

D15 Rice

Well it was fun bragging about it, but this isn’t a hobby, it’s a business.  So the D15 Rice model has been sold.  Headed to Canada.  I think I’ll go sit on it a while and drive it just so I can remember it.  Nah, I’m gonna clear space in the shop to work on the D15 I’m keeping :)

Getting Hot!

We’ve been running very unseasonably cool, but I think it’s over.  Getting 95+ in the next few days.  I have been gone much of the last month for different personal events and taking care of some home items.  Probably should have finished up the CA and spent time on the D15 Rice model while it was cool, but I just had too many irons in the fire.

Next item on the horizon is some manufacturing opportunities.  Plastic parts, laser etching, etc.  Classes start tonight and take the next month to get through.  Hopefully some new AC items will be here soon.