Liquidate used inventory

As we prepare to move to our new warehouse/shop/home, we are having to make some decisions.  After 20 years of dealing in used Allis parts, I have decided to shut that side of the business down.  All inventory is 1/2 of original prices.  Sadly, some thing will begin that one way trip to the recycler.  I have never been good about recycling them, but there are some old bones back there that haven’t been picked on for 15 plus years.  Time to admit they are only scrap!

Wow, really that long?

Those close to us know the last year and a half has been crazy.  Medical stuff, shop burned down, wedding, our son adopting twin boys, building new shop and house, death of a very close friend, and feeling called to a new church after 35 years at the same location.

What a ride.  But I once heard it said (from the dear friend I think)  “If things are going just the way you planned them, the wrong person is in control”.  Can’t say that means it’s all perfect, but we will ride this coaster of a  business wherever it goes.

This is the part where I promise to keep things better updated.  Well, I’ll try anyway!

Engine Shims

The engine shims that have been unavailable for about a year are once again in stock.    The bad news is they are a little different.  Previously, they were a total of .010 made up of 5 layers of .002 laminated together.  Now they are individual .004 pieces.  So getting within .0015 will be harder, but at least they are available.



Pair of G’s!

Picked these up a couple of weeks ago.  Hope to have the darker one ready for sale in the next couple of days. Almost all new ignition, and it’s running pretty well.  Needs some run time to really smooth out.  Right front axle support had been welded, and front spindle was LOCKED UP!  It’s at the machinist to get the parts apart.  As soon as it comes back, it is ready to go.  Font tires good, back are shot.13226660_1034128303328780_7524557936613815700_n

Finally raining!

It has been a dry winter, and much of our region has had exceptional fire danger.  As a volunteer firefighter, many of my days (and nights) have been spent battling the fires.  This rain will bring much needed relief to our land and hopefully begin the spring process.

A project to keep?

Had the opportunity to buy a G.  The last one I bought I only owned for a few hours.  I purchased it as a basket case at a show, and the next morning with it on my trailer I had a non-stop chain of folks asking “how much?”  I finally smarted off a price, and he pealed off the cash.  So it was gone!

Now I plan to actually fix this one up, unless of course a fat wallet comes by.

Has been parked since 1970 when the front broke, and the owner had just rebuilt the engine.    So here’s teaser of the start.  I just got the scrap steel off the front end and will start prepping it for a full-penetration weld (not by me!)  I’m a lot better at grinding than welding so it will go to a pro friend of mine.20150522_180317 20150522_180325 20150522_180336 20150522_180457 20150522_180520 20150522_180537 20150526_202825 20150526_203242

How to identify an Oklahoma tractor

While repairing a handclutch on a CA in the shop I thought I would post a quick pic.  You can tell this is an Oklahoma tractor by the mud dauber nests!  For those not acclimated to these lovely little black wasps, they will plug any hole the size of a pencil lead.  I have to keep all my air tools on a peg board with a nail in the air nipple.  Otherwise I have to disassemble them and clean everytime I want to use them.  Then in the spring we get wood bees.  They drill 1/2″ holes in wood faster than a DeWalt.  I plan to breed a wasp that will kill the wood bees and plug the holes with mud.  IMG_20141007_154305

A happy and a sad day all at once.

The D15 Rice model was loaded today and is enroute to Canada.  The Semi had a nice bonus though to keep it company.  A 2200 HP electric motor.  I didn’t know an electric motor could go that high.  Hopefully it will protect the Rice model.  I suspect they are headed to the same destination.  I do know the drier is headed to Kansas to pick up another tractor before going to Wisconsin.  I’ll attach a few photos of it loaded.

IMG_20140924_134608 IMG_20140924_135543 IMG_20140924_135608 IMG_20140924_135720 IMG_20140924_135731 IMG_20140924_135747